"We make sales training relevant to your individual business"

First Selection listens to clients to discover their sales issues and how these are affecting their business. Only when we understand these do we develop a programme - unique to each client - which is designed not only to address the issues, but also to raise the bar in terms of sales performance.

First Selection Sales Training matches your culture and ethos. That way you get the buy-in from everyone on the course. In order to achieve the best results you need to check out your possible training provider thoroughly to make sure that the hard-earned cash you hand over for training is truly an investment.

What makes a successful salesperson? Research shows that successful salespeople have certain characteristics and attributes that help them perform in what can be a stressful and competitive job role.

The range of sales jobs is vast and the skills and abilities required for success are very different. People who excel in different disciplines like technical sales, selling advertising space, selling large computer systems, or working in a busy telesales office, all have different attributes that make them successful at what they do.

Most people, who manage sales teams rely purely on instinct and experience to recruit, train and motivate members of their team. This can work, but often we see sales teams where the wrong people have been recruited into sales, or people with the right skills who are not being developed to their full potential.

If you manage salespeople, we have experts who can analyse your sales team and work with you to get the best out of the people in your team. For more information contact us to learn how our sales training could help you get the best results from your sales team.

First Selection specialise in training salespeople to become more skilled and confident in their role. We work closely with our clients to help their salespeople become more successful.

Our unique sales training contract gives our clients access to a team of highly skilled, professional sales training experts, who can boost sales by making everyone in the sales team more effective.

If you want to discuss how our approach to training and development could help your business contact us and we will give you a call.

Courses include:
  • Advanced Telesales
  • How to sell Advertising
  • The Consultative Sales approach
  • Nail that Sale
  • Spin Selling
  • Motivation sales
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview training
  • Recruitment training

Training can be held at our purpose built offices, at the clients' premises or at venue depending on the size of the group.

How to make training really work

Our training is delivered with commitment and passion, by people with drive, experience and energy. Our programmes are always memorable, relevant and meaningful - and the results are consistent: a real and significant improvement in sales results. Our aim is always to:

  • Inspire and motivate sales professionals to go that extra mile.
  • Bring 'realism' and relevance to sales training.
  • &Enable individuals to understand their talents and fulfill their potential.
  • Deliver a unique experience which inspires people to want to change.
  • Be different, memorable and fun.