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Here at First Selection recruitment we have recently set up a portfolio of blue chip clients offering sales jobs in Dubai. Our staffing operation over in UAE means that we are now able to provide sales and marketing candidates in the UK with effective reliable Dubai recruitment services with customer service that’s second to none. As we now have a full time recruitment consultant over in Dubai we have the knowledge to advise and assist with all aspects of relocation including bank accounts, visas, accommodation, loans, flights, healthcare and schools.



The currency in Dubai is the UAE Dirham (Dhs) which is divided into 100 fils. The currency is also referred to as AED (Arab Emirate Dirham)


According to a census in 2006, the population of Dubai was 1,422,000. Approximately 85% of the expatriate population was Asian, mainly Indian (51%), Pakistani (16%), Bangladeshi (9%) and Filipino (3%). Only 3% of the total population of Dubai was classified as "western".


Although Arabic is the official language of Dubai, English is widely spoken in schools, the workplace, and shops.


Religions in Dubai are diverse, but Islam is the official religion of the UAE. Before relocating it is important to understand the religious practises as Islam governs many aspects of their lives. For example, during Ramadan Muslims fast during the day and feast at night. Normal business patterns may be interrupted and many restaurants are closed during the day and there may be restrictions on smoking and drinking.


The Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, and the ruler of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.



It is important to understand the culture of a country before relocating to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.


Islamic beliefs and practices are a total way of life, which governs every activity and decision that is made in daily life.


There are certain things that are just not accepted such as kissing in public or speaking negatively about Islam. It is also not advisable to discuss politics and religion in public.

Many Muslim women do not shake hands. Do not extend your hand to a local woman because she probably won’t shake it and the whole situation might just be embarrassing. However, it’s generally ok for western women to shake hands with the local men.


Always be on time for an appointment but do not expect the same in reverse. You may find yourself kept waiting for an appointment, and last-minute postponement is not uncommon.


Never refuse refreshments when they are offered to you, as it will be taken as an insult to your host. However, once you have received your refreshment you may just take a sip and leave the rest.


If you are invited to someone’s home, make sure you have clean feet or wear respectable socks (no holes!), as you will be expected to remove your shoes at the entrance.


Food is eaten at floor level. Try not to pick at food as it is seen as disrespectful to the host.




Weekdays in Dubai are Sunday - Thursday and there are no set business hours. Many companies will either choose to work a "straight shift" which is between 8:00am and 6:00pm, or in shifts between 8:00am and 1:00pm, and then again between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.


Dress code is important to consider. For men a tie or smart open-necked shirt is recommended for office work. A suit is not necessary, unless visiting high profile individuals.


Women should wear knee length skirts or dresses, or trousers. Ideally, sleeves should cover the upper arm.




Dubai offers completely personal tax free living, and for this reason healthcare and schools should be considered before moving.


There are numerous schools in Dubai, offering a wide choice depending on your families needs. However, research should be undertaken as the fees are often comparable to some of the top in the UK.


It is acceptable to wear shorts and sleeveless tops when the weather is hot, and bikini’s and swimwear is fine on the beach or by the pool but definitely not elsewhere. Bear in mind always that on 3% of the population are Western, so try to dress conservatively so as not to draw attention.


Above all, most people choose to move to Dubai for the quality of life it offers, as well as the promotion prospects. Dubai offers one of the best quality working environments and lifestyles in the world, so have fun and enjoy!


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